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The Geb is a Raleigh, NC based band that creates and performs original Indie-rock music inspired by song writing masters like The Beatles, R.E.M., The Clash, and Wilco (to name a few).  Our primary mission is to write catchy tunes and have listeners  casually humming The Geb on a morning stroll or commute into work and thinking...what song is this?

The Geb are all working professionals who love music and have studied and played music most of our lives.  We are motivated by the sheer enjoyment of creating songs and performing them together.  It is great fun to work a song from the initial idea to the finished product using the collective brain of the band.  

The Geb initially hit the Raleigh scene with the release of our first single Pasture in early 2018 and have since been performing and recording music in NC.  The Geb have become a popular local favorite and will happily join touring bands on their way through the Raleigh-Durham area or Southeast US. 

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We officially released our first full length album entitled Ordinary Lives  in June 2019.  Ordinary Lives was influenced by a variety of musical styles and genres and is unique in the fact that each of the eight songs sound quite different from one song to the next.  At its core, Ordinary Lives is a collection of songs about the routines and nuances of our lives...and how life is both Ordinary and anything but, often at the same time.      

The Geb is now hard at work our second album with the first singles Dumpsters & Mansions  and Renewal released in early 2020. Additional songs are in the works and will uploaded one song at a time to all major streaming services over the next several months. 

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Check out music videos by The Geb on our YouTube Channel!  Videos are made with local actors from the Raleigh area and produced by our favorite teenage filmmaker ItsMeLuke.

Our music videos feature parents returning to elementary school, choreographed bike riding scenes, touching stories of lifelong love and partnership, awesome school bus dance scenes, 70's era love stories, neon dreamworlds, a legendary local school crossing guard....and so much more.  

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